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Friends Only

Well, I have an F-list now, so I feel like this is something that I should do.

This journal is my last Internet-based thing that my family does not know about. Mom's stalking me on FB, brother is following me on Twitter and the whole damn family is emailing me. Hello, LJ, and the psudeo-sanctuary you provide. That all being said, I use this mostly to read/post fanfic about my favorite shows (the ever-evolving list, it seems)

-Rookie Blue
-Stargate SG1 (the good years)
-The X Files (my first, true TV love)

That list will grow and decrease over time, but that's the core of my TV loving self. I'm also strangely addicted to HGTV right now. I have no idea why since I'm not in the market to buy a house, and I can't renovate the one I'm renting now. Whatever. I'm gonna ride the re-design wave I seem to be on.

I find that I'm not too opinionated with the majority of hot-buttons that get people all crazy. It's not that I'm don't have an opinion, it's just that I...what's the word?...don't care. Yeah, that's it. I don't care that people disagree with me on something, and to sit there waste a TON of time on one conversation - if it's not work, I'm not that invested. Of course, I say that in a venue that basically relies on people caring what I have to say. *shurgs* I guess this will show if you really wanna friend me.

That being said, I have some opinions: I believe that our troops should get paid more than those who sit in Congress (or least more than we're getting paid right now), whoever cancelled Firefly works for the Devil, the Los Angeles Clippers are the unsung heroes of the NBA...we just suck horribly, anything Joss Whedon creates usually steals my heart. There's more, but I'm operating on little to no coffee right now.

I'm in the military, so posting negative things about our troops will end badly. I'm a flyer, and I won't get into much more detail than that. I will be gone for Christmas this year (and my birthday) for four months so any good little bits you find during the holidays I will definitely enjoy.

But, I digress. Please, by all means introduce yourself. Tell me your favorite show or your favorite thing to put in your coffee. Whatever fun fact floats your boat....I'm listening.

3 Things...

1.  I'm not dead!  I'm still alive and kicking, but LJ has taken a backseat to A LOT of things.  Which leads me to:
2.  I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3.  ...and I'm deploying today for 75 days.

Sooo....what's new with you?


Seriously, you guys, I can't stop wanting to go to school!

Educational blather...oh, and there's somethings about sex.Collapse )

It's been forever since I posted.  What's been going on with you guys!??!?!?


Because I have ALL kinds of time on my hands, I'm playing.

[Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.]

leigh57 gave me: TV Commercials, bowling, soda, Titanic (the movie), leopards, singing, jeans.

So here we go:

Words, words, words...Collapse )

I'm...from Earth

LJ has been so...quiet and blah lately!  Apparently people have found a life off the internet and I now have zero entertainment.  My self-reliance on other people, let me show you it!

In which I blabber like the sleep-deprived woman I amCollapse )

+ I wanna try writing again...something that's NOT Air Force speak or Masters class stuff.  So, prompt me with a "Five Things" or that one about a story I haven't written and I'll give you three sentences or, you know...ANYTHING. 

Extending...not the fun kind

So, the word has gone out (like it does EVERY SINGLE TIME...God, you'd think they'd learn) for people to volunteer to extend out here.  For those who don't know, extend also means get ass-raped by the Air Force STAY LONGER.

Deployment blather and PICSPAMCollapse )

So, yeah.  Happy Valentines to you all!  Or, if you're celebrating SAD...go get drunk with friends and have three for me!! :)

Canada is a thing that might be happening

So...I might be moving to Canada?

Real Life Blather.Collapse )

Also, I've been watching a disturbing amount of Nathan Fillion clips on YouTube lately.  Help me.  Give me a distraction!!


I FAIL at posting right now!  I owe two people responses to my "Friends Only" post and I'm sure I owe leigh57 and adrenalin211 some kind of fic for the wonderfulness they've provided in the form of words and Jack/Renee stuff.

But, ugh. I'm just so blah!  Fly, Sleep, Gym, Eat.  Repeat.  Bill Murray got nothin on this.

There is SO much GOOD fic on my flist today!  LJ, you gave me the best birthday present ever!

The "morning" is really 4pm.

First, please take note of the awesome sauce that is my icon. *points* 

leigh57 made it and it is AMAZING!!!!

Another week bites the dust.Collapse )

But how are you guys? How is Christmas Time in the states going? We have a tree lighting ceremony tonight over here.  And I thought I wasn't going to get any touch of the holidays.  :)